Refund & Cancellation Policy

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In line with providing our customers with the best quality and client experience, we have established a considerate refund policy.

As there is time spent to achieve the work, a refund is not be possible for work already completed.

If somehow our medical professional failed to deliver you the booked services due to circumstances outside of the patient’s control or for reasons other than the patient’s medical condition or health, you will receive a full refund or credit.

Refunds (If Applicable)

We refund request Late or missing refunds (if applicable) on some circumstances that mentioned above. For any more questions regarding your refunds, please contact us at [email protected].


As of now, we don’t have any feature of gifting or promo code.

Double Purchase

In case of double payment, due to any reason, you will get your 100% money back. Usually, our system automatically detects such transactions and refunds them. But if due to any reason mentioned actions are not triggered, please us out at [email protected].

We keep our pricing very transparent and honest.


No cancellations are entertained for services that our marketing team has offered on special occasions. These are limited time offers and cannot be cancelled.

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